Extras Come Standard Here

Okay, so — the team at Joinery Hotel came up with this crazy idea…

A hotel can (and should) be so much more than just a place to stay when traveling. There’s nothing wrong with ordinary hotels, certainly. We just thought it might be fun to do a little better. 

That’s why Joinery guests are welcomed right out of the gate with an experience that’s decidedly outside the ordinary. The moment you arrive, you’ll discover our experiential lobby; a special space that offers a carefully curated selection of hand-picked local flavor from which you are encouraged to partake. And what do we mean by that? 

The lobby includes: 

  • Offering Table: Simultaneously, a hub for guests to convene and check in with each other, as well as a spot to grab a coffee, beer or snack.
  • Music: Our friends at Get Hip Records supply us with a steady, revolving stream of local, regional and fresh national tunes for you to check out.
  • Books: Feel like a good read? We’ve partnered with Amazing Books & Records to curate a selection of volumes available both in your room, and in our Lending Library. Feel free to mix, match and share!
  • Bikes: There may be no better way to see Steel City than on two wheels. That’s why we work with Thick Bikes to maintain a fleet of bikes and helmets for guests. 
  • Coffee: Java — it’s not just for breakfast anymore. So feel free to stop down any time to grab a cup courtesy of our pals over at Nicholas Coffee.
  • Art: Joinery’s art collection seeks to harness the city’s spirit by offering a contemporary reinvention; one inspired by the city’s entrepreneurial and edgy culture where creativity meets ambition.

That’s not all, though. We’re always on the hunt for interesting stuff to trick out our lobby. As long as it’s got some local flair, it’s fair game. So check back often. It’s never the same experience twice. Also don't miss our nearly 800 square feet of meeting and event spaces, plus a 10th floor rooftop terrace with a unique view of the city. Our rooms are also well-appointed with creature comforts that stretch well beyond the expected. But more on that later.